1. she-who-loves-the-rain:

    Doctor test labor pains!

    Doctor Andrew Rochford and his wife had twins a few years ago. He says: ” When I stood there next to her, I thought I understood what she went through.”

    In the Australian show ”What’s good for you” the doctor and host himself now go through “labor”. Electrical impulses will create contractions in the stomach that will be like real labor pains. To help - so everything will be correct - the doctor have a mother of four who voluntarily offered to be a guinea-pig. She makes a face when the machine starts. When the “contractions” starts she says: ” Yes, that’s how it feels”. Before she leaves the room she smiles to the doctor and says; “Men can’t do this so good luck”.

    A midwife and a doctor is in place to monitor the experiment. They start with giving Andrew Rochford Braxton Hicks. “Oh God”, he says and starts to sweat. When the contraction is over he relaxes. “What a relief”, he says.

    Just like with a ordinary first timer the contractions finally comes more often and lasts longer. Andrew Rochford have a harder time to deal with the pain and begs for something for the pain. he gets nitrous oxide (laughing gas). After about 3 hours he has 60 seconds long contractions and 60 seconds break in between.

    – “How much longer?”, he asks.

    – “A first timer usually have contractions for about 12 hours, so you have 9 to go”, the midwife answers.

    That’s when Andrew Rochford had enough and stops the experiment.

    – ” I thought I knew what you are going through. I don’t. All talk about men having a higher threshold for pain than women is a lot of bullshit. Women, you win”, he says.


    (via babygrowing)